Up High and Invisible

Up High and Invisible

Whilst rhetoric is born out of arguments with others, these poems are a manifestation of an argument the author is having with himself. Keith Davies is a professional scientist and his poems derive from the creative struggle between his science and art. Always thought provoking, the poems run from the heartfelt to the humorous and the political, whilst others are just plain mischievous.


Author: Keith G. Davies
Publisher: Brambleby Books
Year of Publication: 2006
Format and Pages: Paperback, 64pp.
ISBN: 9780954334758
Retail Price: £5.99
Our Discount Price: £5.40

Sample text from Up High and Invisible



Up High and Invisible


At thirty-three thousand feet,

I look through a porthole to the land below.

A patchwork quilt of fields stretching into a haze.

Tracks, connecting farms to roads,

Roads, connecting villages to towns,

Highways, connecting towns to invisible cities beyond,

And beyond those?  Nations across oceans...

The manifestation of the Polis;

A land shaped by human endeavour.

A God’s eye view!


But where are the people?

I cannot see the people;

I do not know the people;

Neither the ones past,

Nor the ones present,

Nor the ones future...

The ones responsible for this landscape…

And its invisible future.




I do not do cricket…

yet in some games,

there’s no option.


A respectable innings,

worthy of muted applause,

that unites 1906, 1956, 2006, 2056.


Gradual instants,

Where past, present and future

become one.


I feel?...   fortunate;

rain was never allowed

to stop play.


And today?


5th October 2006



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Reviews and readers' comments

Art and Science, inspired him to put pen to paper to produce an eclectic anthology of his thoughts and feelings surrounding this broad topic area. The result is Up High & Invisible, as yet the only published collection of his inspired and thought-provoking poetry. - GraeJane

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