Up High and Invisible

Up High and Invisible

Whilst rhetoric is born out of arguments with others, these poems are a manifestation of an argument the author is having with himself. Keith Davies is a professional scientist and his poems derive from the creative struggle between his science and art. Always thought-provoking, the poems run from the heartfelt to the humorous and the political, whilst others are just plain mischievous.

Author: Keith G. Davies
Publisher: Brambleby Books
Year of Publication: 2006
Format and Pages: Paperback, 64pp.
ISBN: 0-9543347-5-2 / 978-0-9543347-5-8
Retail Price: £5.99
Our Discount Price: £5.40

Sample text from Up High and Invisible

Up High and Invisible


At thirty three thousand feet,

I look through a porthole to the land below.

A patchwork quilt of fields stretching into a haze.

Tracks, connecting farms to roads,

Roads, connecting villages to towns,

Highways, connecting towns to invisible cities beyond,

And beyond those?  Nations across oceans...

The manifestation of the Polis;

A land shaped by human endeavour.

A God’s eye view!


But where are the people?

I cannot see the people;

I do not know the people;

Neither the ones past,

Nor the ones present,

Nor the ones future...

The ones responsible for this landscape…

And its invisible future.



I do not do cricket…

yet in some games,

there’s no option.


A respectable innings,

worthy of muted applause,

that unites 1906, 1956, 2006, 2056.


Gradual instants,

Where past, present and future

become one.


I feel?...   fortunate;

rain was never allowed

to stop play.


And today?


I’m fifty


Not out!

5th October 2006

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