SWAT - A fly's guide to staying alive

SWAT - A fly's guide to staying alive

In SWAT! just-hatched housefly Buzzter gets instructions from Professor Hector Halfbottle on how to survive the dangers in life, like being eaten by various animals and plants or killed by humans. This book is scientifically accurate and as it is about poo, flies and death, and lots of jokes, even boys will surely love to read it.

Author: Mike Barfield
Publisher: Brambleby Books
Year of Publication: 16 April 2013
Format and Pages: Paperback, 32pp in full colour
ISBN: 9781908241184
Retail Price: £6.99
Our Discount Price: £6.30

Sample text from SWAT - A fly`s guide to staying alive

Welcome Welcome to my School of Fly Survival, young Buzzter! Iím Professor Hector Halfbottle and I know EVERYTHING! Itís a scary world out there - flies get TRICKED, TRAPPED, ZAPPED, and EATEN - but I can teach you how to stay alive!

Plants  Some plants get the extra food they need for growth by catching and eating US! Some are sticky, others are tricky! Avoid all these potted rotters, young Buzzter! --- Iím scared!  Donít worry - SuperFly will protect us!

Fish  Lots of fish will eat flies that fall into water but ARCHER FISH are deadly AQUATIC ASSASSINS! They knock us off plants by SPITTING at us! --- HELP! Iíve been hit by spit! AARGH! ...

Mantids   Mantids are a menace in warm countries, Buzzter. They lie in wait with their spikey front legs folded up. They seem to be praying, but itís the flies they catch that get to heaven first! --- Holy Moly!...

and many more! 


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Reviews and readers' comments

Crammed with colourful and clever cartoons, the drawings are cute and reasonably accurate (although i've never seen a housefly wearing a spacesuit) and they tell the story well enough that this book is excellent for new or beginning readers and they will also delight children who are more advanced readers.This amusing non-fiction children's book will interest any new reader in the natural world as seen from a housefly's point of view. - GRRLScientist, TheGuardian.com

... In short, for those who may be trying to prompt an entomological interest in their own progeny, or those of others, this book is fun and informative addition to your armoury. Indeed, strategically deployed alongside other useful weaponry such as the plastic insect collection, butterfly net, collection jar with built-in magnifying glass and DVD compilation featuring Ants, A Bug's Life and Bee Movie, it may yet help to convince George Jr. that there's more to life than dinasaurs! -- Dr. Dave George, Co-editor of Antenna

Every page in it is covered in colourful cartoon images†and witty words...If you are young, or young at heart, buy this book! - The Bug Club Magazine"

... 'Swat, A Fly's Guide to Staying Alive' is so cleverly written. Its layout is similar to comic strips and its content is very comical, however it's actually a factual and informative book all about flies and other fascinating insects! ... With a RRP of just £6.99, this paperback book would make a great gift particularly for boys given the insect theme! This gets a very easy 5 out of 5 from us. --Natasha Kolb, What's Good To Do

This is a lovely book, beautifully illustrated and packed with interesting information. You are taken on a journey of a house fly and all he experiences in his fight to survive from the dangers and predators that he encounters. This was extremely humorous thoroughly entertaining and educational too. My 8 year old son enjoyed this book very much and I would certainly recommend it. Ė www.letsgowiththechildren.co.uk

It was very funny, but it had proper facts in it. I especially liked the pictures. My favourite page was the page with the Heaven in it. I also found the flytanic very funny.†Grace, age 9

Fly facts and fly jokes. I read it in one go. I loved it so much, I couldn't stop. Elliot, age 8

An amusing and fast-paced story rooted in scientific fact that would make a welcome addition to any primary classroom. Primary Science

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