One under the Sun

One under the Sun

This powerful, thought provoking collection of 61 poems, whilst primarily concerning people – human awareness, desire, love and sex, and awareness of beauty and its loss – also embraces big contemporary issues, social and environmental. Written in an elegant and forceful style, the author has the breadth of mind to make us think deeply about ourselves and our place in the world.


Author: Vincent M. Spada
Publisher: Brambleby Books
Year of Publication: 1 September 2010
Format and Pages: Paperback, 112pp
ISBN: 9780955392863
Retail Price: £6.99
Our Discount Price: £6.30

Sample text from One under the Sun

We are One under the Sun


The thing I’m sure of,

and this I know


The certain fact

that will never go


The single great truth

of my entire life:


We are One

under the Sun


Up there


Up there,

it begins to form

A crystal, cold and exact


So small,

and yet so detailed

Like nothing else you’ll find


It falls,

down to the ground

Floating wildly on waves of air


Until finally,

it touches the earth,

and melts off into oblivion


I wish to see the rainbow


I wish to see the rainbow
before it is no more
For soon the sky will crumble
and fade to myth and lore

I wish to see the tiger
before it is no more
For soon its eyes will close
and silence be its roar

I wish to see the ocean
before it is no more
For soon it will dry up
and be a lifeless floor

I wish to see the mountain
before it is no more
For soon it will fall down
and shut another door

I wish to see it all
right to its very core
I wish to see the rainbow
before it is no more



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Reviews and readers' comments

...Although I’m not a fan of Spada’s work, I will say this: this is not bad poetry. It is at least thematically powerful, and in places the plain style even works to create a sense of the depth and rawness of natural history. For a mainstream collection it is strong enough to carry its weight in pages. Its imagery, its sweep and its contemplative attitude are its strengths....

Christopher Frost, Neon - A literary Magazine



Vincent Spada’s collection of poetry, One Under the Sun, examines the role human beings play on Earth.  Spada’s poetry touches on person examination, relationships, interpersonal interactions, and the human relationship with the World.  Spada excels as mixing introspection and personal responsibility for the fate of humankind in One Under the Sun.  The poems leave the reader feeling the dirt under your feet, the wind on your face, the ash from fire’s destruction and the drowning of love in water.  The reader will hear the screech of animals losing their lives and their homes as well as the cries of lovers torn away from one another.  Spada immerses the reader in the darkness of travelling through one’s own thoughts and the light of coming out a better person able to accept one’s imperfections.  With a mix of long poems and short poems as well as serious and lighthearted poems, Spada keeps the reader entertained and engaged while putting forth the message that people need to be more engaged with themselves, with other human beings, and with the Earth because, after all, we are all One Under the Sun.  T.L. Cooper


One Under the Sun by Vincent Spada is one of the most heartfelt and engaging collection of poetry book I’ve read.  His feelings and emotions are actually carefully etched and engraved on his every word.  His poems are like soft melody under the soft sound of the raindrops pouring on the rooftop.  It’s like you can actually feel his happiness, his anger, his desire and even his loneliness through his poems. Lanie Shanzyra Rebancos


Vincent Spada’s remarkable book of poetry One under the Sun allows you to escape to another state while he hits on the complexity of adolescents to maturity, using at times old language that is deep and touching. He is a sensitive poet with much compassion for his fellow man. A visionary and yet a realist who draws from life’s stark moments as he stands like a witness at the edge touching on topics usually unseen, or what others want to quickly dismiss. He can follow a simple emotion to bare the recognition of himself interacting in the play of life. Be it the fantasy of a thrill or the visions of war, morbid coffins, tragedy or to love and know the stars above, he manages to shed light on the extraordinary to eventually embrace what one thinks they fear in a playful, whimsical manner. His semi dark stance, which he projects, is just to make a point to make you reflect and question what your own picture of reality and existence is. A wonderful poet for the book shelf.  Jacqueline Howett



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