On the Edge

On the Edge

A collection of short poems inspired by the landscape of the Peak District

From the gothic gritstone edges to the secluded dales of the Peak District, award-winning author, Dr. Tim Gardiner, takes us on a literary tour, using Japanese haiku to interpret the landscape and his emotional responses to it. Haiku are nature poems, aiming to capture the moment in as few words as possible.


Author: Tim Gardiner
Publisher: Brambleby Books
Year of Publication: May 2017
Format and Pages: Paperback, 62pp
ISBN: 9781908241535
Retail Price: £6.99
Our Discount Price: £5.60

Sample text from On the Edge


from the edge

a stone tossed

into the clouds


lightning strike

in a faraway field

we wait five seconds


in my pocket seeds of another summer


grey day

gritstone escarpment

in good company


a man stands atop the Witches’ Stone soon shackled


walkers meander uphill destination unknown



the old mill race

still has purpose


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