the Greater World of Little Things

the Greater World of Little Things

Look and look again! This is the advice from the author to us as we attempt to understand the complexities of the natural world, with wildlife unfolding unceasingly through the seasons, and with us − of course − an integral part of it.


Author: Ross Gardner
Publisher: Brambleby Books
Year of Publication: 4 May 2016
Format and Pages: Paperback, 186pp with b&w images
ISBN: 9781908241382
Retail Price: £8.99
Our Discount Price: £8.10

Sample text from the Greater World of Little Things

The World Afloat

Something peculiar happens when you are on board a boat. A peculiar, but very fundamental and almost unnoticeable change. Once again, a shifting of perspective, but significantly in this instance, not one which is exclusively ours but which encompasses the world immediately around us. Such a shift will, of course, take place in a most obvious way. Clearly, to not be standing on a bank or beach but within the scene that you would otherwise be looking out onto will naturally result in a different perspective on things.


The Meaning of Things

This is maybe something of a misleading title that could suggest a continuation of the philosophies contained within the previous two chapters. It refers , however, not so much to ‘the meaning of things’ in that fundamental sense, but instead in a much more subjective, less rational way and even with an element of whimsy thrown in for good measure. It is perhaps with a more light-hearted tone that I would look to end this book. The meaning of things in a more iconic context.


Lost and Found

As part of the ongoing surveying of the flora and fauna of the environmental education centre where I worked, I found myself one September evening sitting out in the mild night air with two others watching an assortment of insects homing in on the light of a moth trap. This trap comprised a mercury-vapour bulb, a white sheet laid out on the ground and a pile of old egg boxes.

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Reviews and readers' comments

Ross Gardner, who has worked in environmental and conservation roles, has taken the common and overlooked aspects of the living world and asked us to look at them from a different viewpoint. … A thought- provoking book - I will definitely look again at the little things around me. Janet Preece, The Biologist ^ Top of Page ^

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