And Listen to the Waves - Selected Poems

And Listen to the Waves - Selected Poems

These new and highly original poems, written in a variety of styles and concerning a range of mostly natural-history based topics, will find resonance with all who love the natural world and wish to harmonise with it. In addition, they touch on the importance and enjoyment of family relationships, as well as those with friends, growing up, the enjoyment of nature, and appreciation of the age-old cycles of nature, of walking, contemplation, philosophy and reflection. The reader will surely come away spiritually refreshed, raised up, and perhaps more importantly also have a greater appreciation of both the natural world and the nature of the people who inhabit it.

Author: Brian Churcher
Publisher: Brambleby Books
Year of Publication: 23 April 2013
Format and Pages: paperback, 96pp
ISBN: 9781908241191
Retail Price: £7.99
Our Discount Price: £7.20

Sample text from And Listen to the Waves - Selected Poems

The Gardener


She looked so neat and tidy in her over-sized green boots,

And wanted so to help in every way.

The trouble was, the weeds she pulled, enthusiastically,

Were bedding plants I’d planted just that day.


I’d never tried to stop her, for she was so very keen,

And I know she really meant to be my aide.

But with help like this, my garden, would never blaze with colour,

Except for the weeds she’d left there, I’m very much afraid.


So now I gently steer her, out to the potting shed,

Where the worst she’ll do is plant some rows of seeds.

And the garden’s like a rainbow, from Spring right through the Summer,

And I can cultivate the beds of brightly coloured weeds.


It’s not that she’s forgetful, or doesn’t really care,

For she loves the garden, just as much as me.

And it’s not a lack of memory, that makes her get it wrong,

She hasn’t learned – you see, she’s only just turned three.

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