Flying High!

Flying High!

This unique guide to British birds is a colourful cocktail of entertaining poems, solid science and fabulous photos. A richly illustrated laughter-and-learning experience for children (and a rib-tickling read for grown-ups).

Author: Anneliese Emmans Dean
Publisher: Brambleby Books
Year of Publication: 1 June 2017
Format and Pages: Paperback, 136pp
ISBN: 978-1908241504
Retail Price: ££9.99
Our Discount Price: ££8.00

Sample text from Flying High!

Magpie - Daylight Robbery

 I spy a Magpie

My oh my!

With a swagger in his gait

And a glint in his eye

A head full of tricks

A nest full of bling:

Three coins, a bottle top

And my gold ring.


Swift – Fast

 Swift by name

Swift by nature

You’re a fly?

You were – I ate yer!


Tell-tale outline


I scythe the sky

My year-round home.


Kingfisher – Streaker 

Blink and you’ll miss me

Blink and I’m gone

I’m not some stately

Statuesque swan

Blink and you’ll miss me

A turquoise quiver

Streaking along

The banks of the river.

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Reviews and readers' comments

Flying High! brings together poetry, science and great pictures in an engaging mix. I’m a scientist, and Anneliese’s descriptions of bird biology (their life-cycles, behaviour, ecology and so on) are spot on. But what makes the book different are the poems. I loved them. They made me chuckle, even laugh out loud, with pleasure. They capture the essence of each bird quite brilliantly. I wish I could have read them to my own children when they were young. But children of all ages will enjoy them today, and if you do, you will never look at a Long-tailed Tit, a Herring Gull or a Dipper in quite the same way again. - Professor Sir John Lawton CBE FRS, Vice President of RSPB

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