Flying High!

Flying High!

This unique guide to British birds is a colourful cocktail of entertaining poems, solid science and fabulous photos. A richly illustrated laughter-and-learning experience for children (and a rib-tickling read for grown-ups).

Author: Anneliese Emmans Dean
Publisher: Brambleby Books
Year of Publication: 1 June 2017
Format and Pages: Paperback, 136pp
ISBN: 978-1908241504
Retail Price: £9.99
Our Discount Price: £8.99

Sample text from Flying High!

Magpie - Daylight Robbery

 I spy a Magpie

My oh my!

With a swagger in his gait

And a glint in his eye

A head full of tricks

A nest full of bling:

Three coins, a bottle top

And my gold ring.


Swift – Fast

 Swift by name

Swift by nature

You’re a fly?

You were – I ate yer!


Tell-tale outline


I scythe the sky

My year-round home.


Kingfisher – Streaker 

Blink and you’ll miss me

Blink and I’m gone

I’m not some stately

Statuesque swan

Blink and you’ll miss me

A turquoise quiver

Streaking along

The banks of the river.

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Reviews and readers' comments

Winner of the York Culture Award - Excellence in Writing!

A charming book - ideal for introducing children to the joys of bird poetry and fun for parents to read out loud as well... Stephen Moss, Birder, author and television producer

Hits a beautifully sweet spot, effortlessly combining very entertaining but informative poetry with lovely photographs and bite-sized but accurate facts. It is a book that adults and children alike will learn from and enjoy, and it lends itself very well to 'dipping in', either just for fun, or as a reference book ... With trademark good humour, Anneliese brings each species to life, capturing the essence and adding sparkle and shimmer. ... Highly recommended. Ben Darvill, BTO

‘Glorious … will delight children and young-at-heart adults alike … What makes the book so special is the sheer joy, fun and enthusiasm Anneliese brings to her versions of common British birds.’ York Press

'This is said to be a book for young people but I enjoyed it a lot and at the very least it is a book that young and old could enjoy together … I found myself smiling as I read … poems here … They contain a lot of the truth about the birds they celebrate, portray and introduce. This is a delightful book and one which will be enjoyed by young people of all ages.’ Mark Avery

Winner of the 2015 NSTBA Poetry Category with 'Buzzing', Anneliese Emmans Dean has created another fabulous collection of poems- this time, all about British birds. Grouped by season, the poems celebrate our feathered friends whilst 'Bird Box' and 'Egg Head' fact files offer additional information. The book contains poems about all our favourite garden birds, in a range of forms. The beautiful photography perfectly frames the poems, (except for the Little Owl clutching the dead creature!) Each poem is perfect for performing, with playful language choices. They could be used for individual performances or group presentations. Many could inspire children to compose their own poems, perhaps learning more about one of these wonderful creatures on the way. The additional information offered with each poem is fascinating, perfect for finding out more about each bird whilst enjoying the poem. The bird's classification is also included which is very useful for the Year 6 classification work in science where 'pupils might find out about the significance of the work of scientists such as Carl Linnaeus, a pioneer of classification'. The size of each is also included, making it easy to compare and contrast the different species. A delightful selection of poems which will lead children to find out more about the birds in our gardens. Brilliant! -- NS Teachers Book Award


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