Fascinating Felines

Fascinating Felines

Sixty Cat Poems

'Fascinating Felines is a hugely entertaining read …'
RT Hon Ann Widdecombe MP

This collection of 60 poems, some philosophical, many amusing, comprises an exploration of the nine lives of cats, very much from a zoologist's perspective, including their variety, beauty, sensuality and independence - and their skill as 'pets' too, partially adapting their behaviour to ours.

Author: Hugh David Loxdale
Publisher: Brambleby Books
Year of Publication: 2002
Format and Pages: Paperback, 87pp
ISBN: 0-9543347-0-1
Retail Price: £6.99
Our Discount Price: £6.30

Sample text from Fascinating Felines

The Cat and the Newspapers

Early on Sunday when the tea is made,
And the papers, unfurled, on the bed are laid,
Up jumps the Cat, more hairy than fat,
And on them proceeds to duly parade!

And just at the spot with the 'juiciest' bits,
There she stays and happily sits, -
Not that she's intending to read much right now,
Being more content to purr and meow.

But eventually when the time has come
For her to leave and seek more fun,
Off she goes, with a rustling sound,
As the crossword is trampled...

And she's gone with a bound.

Have you Fed the Cat Yet?

'Have you fed the Cat yet?'
'No, I only spoke of food,
And then clutched her tightly
To test her hungry mood.

I mentioned birds ...and mice,
And acts of derring do,
But she was not amused
And refused to purr for you.

Her eyes gleamed a golden,
Her tail swished at length,
"Come on, do feed me (she said),
Or I'll quickly lose my strength." '

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Reviews and readers' comments

What the pros say...

'Cat lovers who enjoy reading poetry will appreciate this collection of 60 cat poems by Hugh David Loxdale. The poems cover a wide range of subjects from feeding time to hunting, and mad cats to monsters.'
Your Cat Magazine

'Fascinating Felines is ... a little gem, a collection of poems written by a true cat lover. The opening line of the first poem says it all: "A most excellent invention is a cat". From good cats to bad cats, from sad cats to mad cats, all feline life is here. If you like poetry and you like cats, you’ll like this book. I’m sure you will love it – and so will your cat, who may want to take the instructions given in "Advice to a cat – on leaving it indoors’ to heart:
"You be good
and you be true.
Don't make a mess
Or you're for the zoo!"'

Richard Allport, Cat World

What our readers say...

'The book is fantastic!'
Rebecca Cullin, Dorrington, Shropshire

'I enjoyed the poems so much that I sat down and read them all as soon as the book arrived. They show that the author has a great understanding of felines.'
Jean Vickers, Aberaeron, Wales

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