The Call of the Kokako

The Call of the Kokako

Poems from far-flung places

In this collection of poems, drawn from a lifetime of travel and observation, the poet tells us about many new and spectacular things, covering the natural world, diverse landscapes and evolution, and also about ourselves, including the human power of love. Much philosophy resides in these pages too.

The cover drawing is by Sam Clark.

Author: Anthony Boniface
Publisher: Brambleby Books
Year of Publication: 2011
Format and Pages: Paperback, 80pp
ISBN: 9781908241054
Retail Price: £7.99
Our Discount Price: £7.20

Sample text from The Call of the Kokako


Saguaro grows slow flowers show melon scented

bee contented bat frequented fruits bright scarlet ripe

contrasting sight of jet black beads birds feed scatter seeds

the young saguaro shading needs

seedlings push above the bush one foot in fifteen years

branched leafless spiny stem appears inducing fears

in herbivores with champing jaws competing for

the water store saguaro draws from desert sand

to make each pleated post expand

woodpecker bores long spines ignores to form a nest

a place of rest to rear her young amongst these giants

these cactus plants who will outlive a man.


They call me altruistic

But Iím selfish just the same,

I laid my eggs together

When another female came,

She added her own ova

So I cannot take the blame,

Arranging them around mine,

ĎCause protection is my aim.

They lie around the margin

That hyenas will soon eat,

They taste as good as mine do

And my clutch remains complete.

My tactics are successful

For the reason that I cheat,

Allís fair in evolution,

And that justifies deceit.

Lesson in Evolution

The Laughing Kookaburra

Has a voice which is well-known.

Invertebrates and reptiles

The food preference theyíve shown,

Unlike other kingfishers

All of which they have outgrown.

Monogamyís their lifestyle

But the young arenít left alone;

Their brothers and their sisters

Independence they postpone

And help their parents feed them

Till the family has flown.

Their genes are really selfish;

Now the sceptics must atone.

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