cafuné (Portuguese):

to repeatedly run your fingers through someone’s hair, in a soft and affectionate manner

This collection comprises seventy-six contemporary poems, reflecting the emotions of newfound and lost love, with a story behind each poem, relating to empathy with someone close to her. They were written by Archana Kumar, a young sparkling new poet from New Dehli. This is her first anthology.


Author: Archana Kumar
Publisher: Brambleby Books
Year of Publication: 21 November 2014
Format and Pages: Paperback, pp96
ISBN: 9781908241306
Retail Price: £7.99
Our Discount Price: £7.20

Sample text from Cafune



Send me that moonless night you couldn’t get through

And the poems you wrote for her when she loved you.

Send me that song you sang for her, each time you met

And the image of those eyes you can’t forget.

Send me those memories you’ve wrapped in green

And the times you told her to come back, in vain.

Send me that pillow you’d cried on when she left

And the feeling of love-lost that slowly crept.

Send me that night-star you wished upon

And the pain-stuck smile you carried along.

Send me all of those times you wanted her back

And that part of your heart, she’d hacked.

I’d take them all, set ’em ablaze

and bury the ashes.

Come with me.

There must be someplace

for two mad people.

We’ll find it.




If we could fly away together, you and me,

and take our needed rest at a sailing

ship, & find fish to eat for dinner;

if we could share each other

like an island, would you

ever want to fly back

to the shore or

would you




He types an e-mail into

his BlackBerry. His suit

fitted to perfection.

The wind blows and he drives

away in his black car.

Her aura fills the air

as she walks out of the room.

Her pencil skirt fits snugly

as she sits in a chauffeur

driven sedan and leaves for work.

Across the street

staying warm in his old

quilt and thin, weathered coat

huddled against the cold wall;

he watches. And wishes.


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