Buzzing! (paperback)

Buzzing!  (paperback)

This book is a cocktail of brilliant close-up photographs and fascinating information about the small yet amazing animals - bees, butterflies and other minibeasts - that we find in our gardens, all accompanied by wonderful, humorous poems about the creatures themselves. Primary-age children and beyond will be enchanted by Anneliese's extraordinary insights and talent in bringing to life the world of the myriad creatures that crawl and fly about us. They will also enjoy her sense of fun and wit, as revealed in her remarkable verse. Written for young nature lovers, the book encourages readers to appreciate the natural world around them and help protect it.

Author: Anneliese Emmans Dean
Publisher: Brambleby Books
Year of Publication: 2015
Format and Pages: Paperback, 160pp with colour illustration throughout
ISBN: 978 1908241 443
Retail Price: £9.99
Our Discount Price: £8.99

Sample text from Buzzing! (paperback)

Jane Bond - On Her Majesty's Service

Jane Bond is a bee on a mission

Seeking out pollen with furry precision

Smart, preened, resourceful and keen

She’s determined to please her Queen

Jane Bond has purpose and vision

Committed to finding the finest nutrition

From all the flowers she visits each day

So her Queen can have her way

Jane Bond is in peak condition

Expertly executes each expedition

As buds unfurl, she angles and curls

To reach their nectar pearls

Yes, Jane Bond has one goal on her mind

So never forget her dangerous behind

She’s a bee on a mission, a bee who can’t fail

This is a bee with a sting in her tail!

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Reviews and readers' comments

A delightful partnership of science, poetry, photography and insects, this informative and witty book is an excellent introduction to common British minibeasts, intended especially for young naturalists.

...How can you introduce a young child to insects and give them a lifelong appreciation and respect for these important creatures? I think Anneliese Emmans Dean has found an appealing formula in her lovely children's book, Buzzing!: discover the poetry in garden minibeasts. -- GrrlScientist,

This is an unusual and entertaining book that serves as a fascinating introduction to the invertebrate world… Ultimately, this book has something of a split personality, and that is its strength – is it a poetry book, is it a book of invertebrate facts, is it a beginners’ guide to minibeast ID? In the end it is all of these and more, and comes highly recommended for primary school shelves and, indeed, for parents of younger children. It is certainly a book for making learning fun – a great little book! Usefulness to student (primary): ****, Usefulness to teacher (or parent!) (primary): ***** -- Journal of Biological Education

A fabulous fun-filled flight through the wonderful world of the wiggly, wriggly and giggly - Dr Ben Darvill, CEO, Bumblebee Conservation Trust

...An excellent insect poetry book. This could be a gift for a young, or young at hear, entomologist. - Dafydd Lewis, Bulletin of the Amateur Entomologists' Society

A rhyming romp ... that is captivating, humorous and entertaining ... a wonderful fun-filled introduction to the invertebrate world. It will make great bedtime reading for children, a literary lead into minibeasts for teachers and educators plus great fun for entomologists to quote over coffee. - Peter Smithers, Antenna

It's a beauty, packed with 67 poems, more than 170 photographs ... and also child-friendly facts and information about the insects included. --The Press

Buzzing is a brilliant book that will enthral and delight children, and it is easy to see why it has been nominated for this year's Carnegie Medal! ...There is potential for hours of fun, whether that be reading the poems or the facts, studying the pictures or getting out into your garden or park to hunt for the wildlife depicted in the book - it offers lots of opportunities for learning and having fun as a family or with friends. ... Highly recommended for pre-school+ --Lynsey Evan,

This is a book that encourages research and respect for these small creatures. With initial adult help for younger children, it is likely to be a favourite at home or at school. --

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