The Butterfly Collection

The Butterfly Collection

This is the first book to celebrate each of the 58 British butterfly species in verse. The poems mix fact and fun and will be enjoyed by those already passionate about butterflies whilst enthusing others to become so. Brief introductions to the poems explain aspects of the butterflies’ lives necessary to appreciate the poems fully. Many are dedicated to people who have inspired the author in his entomological career. All are wrapped in colour images from life, producing a splendid and enchanting book to be treasured.


Author: Richard Harrington
Publisher: Brambleby Books
Year of Publication: 24 April 2018
Format and Pages: Hardback, 120pp
ISBN: 9781908241566
Retail Price: £20
Our Discount Price: £16

Sample text from The Butterfly Collection

Wood White

Splitting Headache

The dainty and graceful Wood White

Has a quite unmistakable flight.

It lollops around

A few feet off the ground

But it sends me as high as a kite.

Beware, though, the Cryptic Wood White

Can fly at superior height,

And stronger as well,

So it’s easy to tell

Your identification is right...

...Except then there’s Réal’s Wood White –

Exactly the same at first sight,

But split inter-alia

By their genitalia,

Though, frankly, the difference is slight.

Duke of Burgundy

Your Grace

In days of old your province ranged

Through every southern down and wood.

Alas, your reckless servants changed

The nature of your neighbourhood.

Your downfall puts us all to shame,

For now your situation’s stark.

We’ll battle to restore your name,

Oh bold and handsome metalmark!

Your knights and serfs are on the case.

We’ll coppice hard with hook and saw

And soon you will return to grace

A duchy stretching shore to shore.



The Saint

Those modest wings you slowly beat

Are dusky so they capture heat

And cheer us on a cloudy day

Whilst lesser species hide away.

Your spirit in the gloom is prized

And has been rightly recognised:

Beneath your dark side several small,

Bright yellow halos say it all.


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Reviews and readers' comments

A joyous, lyrical and witty delight, wonderfully capturing the personality, magic and science of Britain's butterflies. --Patrick Barkham, author of The Butterfly Isles 

It will surprise no one who knows the author that most verses are infused with a happy wit, whilst some, including lines on The Gatekeeper, are surely serious poetry. I warmly recommend this collection: it is a book that can be dipped into, re-read, and thoroughly enjoyed. --Prof. Jeremy Thomas OBE

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