Gardening with Nature Series

Gardening with Nature Series

Making Garden Meadows, Butterfly Gardening and Making Wildlife Ponds: these three books will help you turn your garden into a haven for wildlife!

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Author: Jenny Steel
Publisher: Brambleby Books
Year of Publication: 2016
Format and Pages: Paperback, 60-80pp
ISBN: 9781908241221, 9781908241436, 9781908241481
Retail Price: £30
Our Discount Price: £23

Sample text from Gardening with Nature Series

Meadows: To summarise, garden meadows are permanent features that remain largely undisturbed through the spring and summer months and contain mainly perenial plants - grasses plus wildflowers that will grow and spread from year to year. Cornfield flower areas are annual flowers alone, with no perennial grasses.

Butterflies: For a majority of people the presence of butterflies in their garden is simply a pleasure in itself. All our native species are beautiful insects displaying colours ranging from bright red (Red Admiral and Small Tortoiseshell) to shades of blue (Common Blue and Holly Blue) and orange (Comma). To walk through a garden in the summer months and see a cloud of Small Tortoiseshells or Painted Ladies lift from a Buddleis bush, is one of the great joys of being a gardener.

Ponds: Everyone can help our native aquatic wildlife and contribute to the conservation of birds, animals and wildflowers by constructing a pond, however small, in their garden. Furhermore, a pond like this will be the focal point of your whole garden, creating fun and interest for everyone who has the time to sit and watch.

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